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States to Amend Constitution

Campaign Constitution intends to organize and lead a bipartisan effort to change the Constitution through the States and not through Congress. Article V of the Constitution permits two-thirds of the States to convene a Constitutional Convention and to thereafter submit the proposed amendments to the States for ratification either by state constitutional conventions or by their legislatures as determined by Congress. See Business Plan.


Bipartisan Effort

Political views are to be shunted aside in favor of the expenditure of common energy to improve our system by correcting imbalances that have developed but were never anticipated by the Founding Fathers, who could not have foreseen the America we live in today.


Amendment Process Protects Constitution

Certain alarmists will oppose the convention method because of the fear that a Constitutional Convention might open up our sacred document and make undesirable changes. To overcome this risk, the Constitutional Convention Resolution approved by the States will be determined in advance and limit the jurisdiction of the Constitutional Convention to specified items. See Constitutional Convention Resolution.


Better Leaders

We proceed on the premise that the method of federal government decision-making which has evolved under the Constitution has given us leaders who have diminished our unalienable rights of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” envisioned by the Founding Fathers. The only way to recover this vision is to change the character of our leaders by changing the way decisions are made. The proposed Amendments are designed to do this.


Note to the Reader

In writing the proposed amendments and essays, I have referred to the masculine gender for the sake of simplicity. By doing this, I have not intended to slight the female gender in any way and trust all who read the materials will interpret "he" and related terms as references to both men and women.


Join the Cause

Your comments, suggestions, and contributions will be appreciated. Please read our Business Plan to see how your contributions will be used. We will also publish financial reports periodically in furtherance of our policy of complete transparency. This is a bi-partisan undertaking and we hope all citizens, regardless of their political persuasion, will recognize that changing the process of making decisions is not creating public policy but modifying the process to enhance better decisions and better leaders.


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