Legal Opinion Calling for Article V Convention

December 26, 2018

Founder John Cogswell establishes that there are adequate state applications for Congress to call an Article V Convention limited to proposing amendments.
Campaign Constitution in cooperation with The American Constitution Foundation analyzed all existing active Article V applications on file with Congress and has determined that at least 30 meet the strict criteria calling for a convention as prescribed in Article V of the US Constitution.  Founder Cogswell’s opinion moves the count beyond the two thirds threshold. 
Cogswell states ““You know Congress would never propose amendments itself (like those currently being called for by American citizens), because it is corrupt… otherwise we would never have the debt we have in this country.  We feel the polarization that is going on.  We need to get the American people motivated to support the use of Article V as a civil way to make governance corrections.”
Now is the time for “We the People” to act through our state legislatures. Review Founder Cogswell’s legal opinion and application analysis here.