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Advisory Committee



The Advisory Committee is expected to have fifteen (15) members.  The only member of the Advisory Committee at this time is Michael D. Iseman, M.D.



Michael D. Iseman, M.D., graduated from Princeton University, cum laude, with a B.A. in History in 1961.  He graduated from Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons with an M.D. in 1965 and, after post-graduate training, later became Professor of Medicine, Division of Respiratory and Infectious Diseases, National Jewish Hospital, Denver, Colorado.  He has a world-class reputation in pulmonary medicine and the treatment of tuberculosis.  His professional career is distinguished by numerous awards including the Edward Livingston Trudeau Medal conferred by the American Thoracic Society.  His credentials are readily available by a Google search.  Dr. Iseman, an active reader and student of history, shares the author’s concern about the direction our country is going and will provide valuable insights and comments as the Advisory Committee gets underway.


Terms of Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee was established by the following Resolution:


RESOLVED that there is hereby established an Advisory Committee whose members shall be persons knowledgeable and interested in the Constitution of the United States and the government of the United States, who shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Association and whose admission shall be conditioned on signing a declaration in the form attached hereto titled “Advisory Member Declaration”.


FURTHER RESOLVED that the Advisory Committee will have as its only power the right to make recommendations to the Chairman regarding amendments to the Constitution and management of the Association.


FURTHER RESOLVED that the Advisory Committee shall have such other executive powers as the Chairman by written notice to the Advisory Committee shall delegate to it subject to the consent of the Advisory Committee.


FURTHER RESOLVED that the Advisory Committee shall conduct its business in the manner of a board of directors of a nonprofit corporation established in the state of Colorado subject to the limitation on its power described above.


FURTHER RESOLVED that the Chairman give great deference to the recommendations of the Advisory Committee and will not lightly disregard its recommendations except for good cause established.


FURTHER RESOLVED that the Advisory Committee has the power at a meeting of the Advisory Committee to remove the Chairman and appoint another in his place (i) upon his death or resignation or (ii) after January 1, 2015 for good cause established and upon thirty (30) days’ advance written notice to the Chairman of the grounds for removal including the time and place of such meeting.  If the Chairman dies or resigns or is removed, the Advisory Committee (i) shall promptly appoint another chairman who shall thereafter have such powers as the Advisory Committee shall decide and (ii) at its option, shall continue thereafter as a board of directors of a nonprofit corporation under Colorado law with all rights and powers and subject to all duties specified in the Colorado Nonprofit Corporation Act.