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Neal Schuerer Biography

Neal Schuerer



  • Neal Schuerer is a leader in The National Article V Movement.  Neal’s experience as a two-term Iowa State Senator confirms that the only solution to reconcile the union is responsible constitutional change.  Bold leaders need to step up and lead this movement to reorder the relationship between the several states and the national government they created

  • Executive Director of Act 2 Reforms
  • Strategic Advisor to Campaign Constitution
  • Steering Committee, State Legislator’s Article V Caucus 
  • Chairman of the Colorado’s Committee of Correspondence, Independence Institute
  • Senior Policy Advisor,  The Heartland Institute’s Center for Constitutional Reform
  • Advisor to the American Constitution Foundation
  • Advisor to the Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force
  • Commissioner to the Balanced Budget Amendment Planning Convention of States called by the State of Arizona September 2017 for Iowa
  • Former District Director of Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO 5th District)
  • Director of Development for the Glen Eyrie Group, a camp and conference ministry of The Navigators
  • As a State Senator in Iowa, developed its 2006 Pledge for Progress, a road map for economic prosperity
  • Iowa Restauranteur, serving over 100,000 patrons per year for 17 years
  • Accomplished horseman and devoted Westerner
  • Married for 41 years to the former Melissa Crossett. They have two children and three grandchildren