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Limited Life of Regulations


Federal regulations shall automatically be void ten years after their adoption unless earlier approved by Congress for a stated term.

Limited Life of Regulations: Proposed Language

Regulations shall be void ten years after they are effective unless earlier approved by Congress for a stated term. Congress shall have the authority to exempt specified regulations from this provision.


You are referred to proposed Amendment 34.2 for a discussion of the problem of regulations. This amendment automatically voids regulations after ten years unless approved by Congress before then. The benefit of this provision is that federal regulators must be sensitive at all times to the regulations they have promulgated to manage whatever tasks Congress and the President have assigned to them. If they are important enough to continue after ten years, they will need congressional approval. Otherwise, the regulations will lapse.

We believe this discipline in the bureaucratic structure of the federal government is essential to preserve and maintain the rule of law and to discipline federal bureaucrats with sensitivity to the public that unimportant and unneeded regulations have a limited life.

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