March Progress Report

March 10, 2013

Poor leadership remains the problem. 

Congress has got itself in a fix. If it solves our financial problems, most of its members will not be reelected. This is what happens when our elected officials engage in a power contest instead of a freedom contest. What does this mean? It means our financial problems will not be fixed.

You, alone, citizens of the United States have the ability to fix the system. Please spread our website around and request your friends and others to vote. We need millions of votes, not thousands, to wake up this country.

We are doing our part trying to raise funds to publicize our efforts. After that, we think funds will arrive by donations of sufficient amount to finance the organizational effort needed to obtain the mock convention. See Business Plan. Hopefully, this effort will be aided by an appearance on the O’Reilly Factor in the near future. We are also contacting CNN and other media outlets.

Thank you for your continuing support.

John Cogswell, President