Failed Leadership - A Call for Action

September 12, 2014

Our “leaders” in Washington, whether in the executive or legislative branch, represent a concentration of power inimical to our history and the essential goodness of America which, in the words of Professor Ted McAllister, is our most powerful American myth:  “the self-governing person, happily ensconced in family, church, community and work.”

If we do not change the kind of leaders we have, they will ruin our country and slowly sap the freedom many of us take for granted. 

So what are We the People going to do about it?  Argue?  Hope?  Pray?  Vote for competing candidates whose virtues are largely the same and grounded in promises to help others by means we cannot afford or sustain?  When will our suspicion of the degradation of American values rise to anger over the status quo and energize us to compel reform?

The forces of history are challenging us to do something.  For too long we have trusted others to do the right thing.  And, all they have done is feather their own nests to our disadvantage – not just economically but politically.  They have diminished our self-rule, our independence and our individual freedoms.  Yet, they deceptively argue how they intend to advance these noble values.

It is time to put a call for good leaders higher than any other debate.  The place to start is to effectuate process amendments to the Constitution that will deprive future leaders of the power to subordinate the best interests of America to their own ambition, self-interest and reelection.  Good leadership is a long-term fix that can preserve our country for our children and grandchildren and not a short-term disappointment as is the case with most debates over public policy.

Campaign Constitution has developed a plan to do this.  It is time we joined together in a bipartisan effort to succor an ailing nation.


John Cogswell, Founder and Manager